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  • Announcement: New Website ahead

    We are working hard to update our Simonites-Website and to bring it up to current standards. Due to that, you might be experiencing some downtime or you will be unable to login. We are hoping for your patience and will announce once we are fully functiona

  • Platinum Dinner 2018

    This year's platinum dinner, which took place on 27 September 2018, was dedicated to Axel Schultze, CEO, Society3 Global Innovations Group. Together with other entrepreneurs, investors and start-ups he founded the World Innovations Forum in 2017.

  • Industry Insight: Visiting Eurovision Media Services, Geneva

    When you hear the word Eurovision, you think of the song contest, right? But what else do they do? Up until this visit, I would have answered the same as you: I have no idea.

  • Alumni Luncheons in Bern, Basel, and Zurich

    The luncheons took place in beautiful summer weather in Berne, Basel and Zurich. Many thanks to Annalea and Paola, who acted as excellent hostesses and created a beautiful setting.

  • Wellershoff: The case for a humbler approach to economics

    How is it possible for most asset managers to underperform their benchmarks and/or a "passive" portfolio quite regularly? What can a private investor do to achieve good investment results? Some answers to these questions were provided at the Savoy-Baur-en

  • Message from the President

    Since the beginning of this year I am having the pleasure of serving as the president of our esteemed alumni organisation. With the start of my term, the board faced several changes - we welcomed new members and others left the board after years of highly

  • We take care of your data

    Find out, how Simonites - The Rochester-Bern Alumni Association is taking care of your data in lights of GDPR

  • Wine and Dine with a Master of Wine

    When wine meets food, live gets beautiful - and with the right company, it gets splendid. We enjoyed a wonderful evening with Paul Liversedge, 2nd Master of Wine for Switzerland, guiding us through Europes finest wine classics.

  • 2 in 1 - Sports Management

    A unique insight into the management of a soccer club in Switzerland

  • Farewell

    by the former Simonites president Hans K. Held

  • Laudatio Simonites

    by Prof. Dr. Petra Joerg (CEO, Rochester-Bern Executive Programs)

  • Our New Year Event 2018

    A night to celebrate talent and enjoy the arts of Chiara 22

  • Our 2017 Swiss Metzgete Event

    Every year in the fall, we are celebrating the Swiss-Metzgete Event with not only Alumni but also guests and friends: Also this year!

  • Our 2017 Platinum Member Dinner

    This year we were pleased to invite our platinum members for an evening with Dieter Meier, who chose the title for the evening as „Werdet wie die Kinder“ (become like children)

  • “The Future of Switzerland” – nothing less than that

    Dr. Peter Grünenfelder, CEO Avenier Suisse, took on the challenge to debate in an interactive and innovative format, interacting with about 40 brains from SAMBA, Beta Gamma Sigma and Rochester-Bern alumni and guests..

  • Industry Insight: Visiting Hirslanden Klinic Beau-Site, Bern

    Our Industry Insight event, visiting Hirslanden Klinic Beau-Site, Bern turned out to be the perfect event to start this new format where an esteemed alumn provides a perspective behind usually closed doors.

  • Exclusive, small and pretty - 3rd Simonites Golf-Tournament

    The third Simonites Golf-Tournament turned out to be a great success for the sport, for setworking and last but not least sunny-side fun on the marvelous green!

  • London Calling - a great beginning

    The first meet up of Simonites in London was a great success including good networking opportunities and possibilities to share ideas and career prospects.

  • Daniel Sulzer: Director/CEO of Interlaken Tourismus

    Daniel Sulzter, Rochester-Bern alumn (Class 10) got elected Director/CEO of Interlaken Tourismus.

  • From Capstone to Company: Interview with Lukas Gysin

    Lukas Gysin, Rochester-Bern graduate of 2014 managed to turn his EMBA Business Plan Project into a successful startup. In this interview, we take a peak behind the curtain to figure out, how he did it.

  • Simonites on Twitter

    Follow us on Twitter at: @SimonitesAlumni

  • Simonites on LinkedIn

    The Simonites are present on LinkedIn. Feel free to join our LinkedIn group for updates, news and events.

  • Congratulation: WM Master Graduation

    The first graduates of the Rochester-Bern Dual Degree program with UBS graduated today with a Master in Wealth Management. The Simonites congratulate and welcome the new Alumni.

  • Robert Boute: Best 40 under 40

    Robert Boute, Professor for Operations Research got listed as Best 40 under 40 by Poets & Quants.

  • Albert Rösti: The new president of SVP/UDC

    Albert Rösti, member of the National Assembly (Nationalrat) and Rochester-Bern alumn (Class 7) got elected president of the Swiss political Party SVP/UDC.

  • Markus Lerch new Commercial Director at LeasePlan

    Markus Lerch, RoBe Alumn is the new commercial director at LeasePlan Switzerland. In the financial services provider, Markus is taking over responsibility for Sales, Account Management and Commercial Support. He is a member of the management board

  • Eager to test your business idea?

    From capstone to startup - the non-profit organization Startup Weekend Schweiz offers you a platform to discuss and test your business idea with experienced coaches and other potential founders.

  • ROI on MBA

    An MBA from any recognized business school requires intense studying and compromises on career and personal life. How to measure the return on invest on your personal and financial investments?

  • Educational Journey: Here is to the colours

    In February 2016, the Rochester-Bern Executive Program organized an educational journey to India. These are my very personal impressions from an exciting adventure.

  • Newsletter December 2015

    On behalf of the SIMONITES board members and our president Hans Held, we have illustrated many interesting articles.

  • President's Message 2015/II

    A message from Hans K. Held. Topics include: The new website; The Joint Membership with SAMBA; Mentoring; Events; FT-Ranking.

  • Platinum Dinner 2015

    Chapter 11 – curse or blessing?

  • 20 years of excellence

    Time to celebrate - watch the movie of our party

  • President's Message 2015

    A message from Hans K. Held. Topics include: General assembly; Board members; Website; Strategy; Collaboration with the program; Outlook: Anniversary Party.

  • President's Message 2014

    A message from Hans K. Held, looking towards a great year 2014.

  • SAMBA is not a dance

    Simonites are a full member of SAMBA (Swiss Association of MBAs). SAMBA is the platform, to bring your personal network to the next level. This is the place, to celebrate, compete and leverage your career to the top of the Swiss business community.