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Industry Insight: Visiting Eurovision Media Services, Geneva

When you hear the word Eurovision, you think of the song contest, right? But what else do they do? Up until this visit, I would have answered the same as you: I have no idea.

Alumni Luncheons in Bern, Basel, and Zurich

The luncheons took place in beautiful summer weather in Berne, Basel and Zurich. Many thanks to Annalea and Paola, who acted as excellent hostesses and created a beautiful setting.

Wellershoff: The case for a humbler approach to economics

How is it possible for most asset managers to underperform their benchmarks and/or a "passive" portfolio quite regularly? What can a private investor do to achieve good investment results? Some answers to these questions were provided at the Savoy-Baur-en

We take care of your data

Find out, how Simonites - The Rochester-Bern Alumni Association is taking care of your data in lights of GDPR
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Upcoming Events

  • Platinum Dinner 2018 with Axel Schultze

    6:30PM - 10:00PM Thu 27 Sep 2018

    We invite all those who support our Alumni Association with a special and generous donation. Expect again a challenging evening: Most important however welcome a highly involved CEO who is looking into the future like nobody else – rooting on a great ex
  • Metzgete 2018

    6:00PM - 10:00PM Thu 8 Nov 2018

    “2 in 1” – two highlights in one evening…! Our already well-known social event 2018 – in cooperation with BGS: Bring your spouse, your partner, your friend, and/or whoever is close to you! And enjoy pure Swiss culture!